Program Information


2 1/2 YEARS

30 months by September 30 of the current school year

The two-year-old class provides a caring and enriching environment in which all areas of development are encouraged. Emphasis is placed on social and emotional growth. It is through a strong self-image that the children have the confidence to know that their potential for learning is unlimited. Cognitive development is fostered through all activities that are offered in the curriculum: stories, language and numbers, music, art, puzzles, blocks, dramatic and outdoor play, just to name a few. Through these experiences the children will become aware of their world and the world around them.

  • Class is offered Tuesday & Thursday, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. 
  • Children attend 2 days and DO NOT need to be potty trained.
  • Enrichment Included: Chapel, Music and Movement



36-47 months (3 years old) by September 30 of the current school year

Exciting adventures are common in our three-year-old class. Classrooms include centers that encompass large muscle and fine motor development, art and dramatic play activities, as well as experiences in pre-language, math, science, and the environment. Children role play being grocers, fire fighters, doctors and many other occupations --- wherever their imaginations take them. Ordinary wooden blocks become roads, towers, castles and trains. Masterpieces are created in the creative art center. Children plant seeds in the garden, pour water, make ice, measure and weigh, experiment with sand, work with puzzles, string beads and much more. The daily circle time includes stories and music where the concept of sharing is encouraged.

  • Class is offered Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, 9:00 am -12:00 pm 
  • Children attend 3 days in the AM and must be day-time potty trained.
  • Enrichment Included: Chapel, Music & Movement, Science & Nature



48-60 months (4 years old) by September 30 of the current school year

The pre-kindergarten class continues to stress our belief that it is the development of the child’s potential, their individuality and creativity within a loving and accepting atmosphere, that is important. The children are given the opportunity to further develop their skills in language, math, science, environmental stewardship, and the creative arts and we use Virginia's Foundation Blocks for Early Learning as a guide in this instruction. Field trips and resource people are an integral part of the pre-school experience.

Each year pre-kindergarten teachers choose a variety of units that teach important skills needed in a four-year-old program. These include pre-math, science, music, pre-language, perception, and large and small motor coordination activities. The children cook; paint with hands, feet, brushes, sponges, etc.; act out stories; care for pets; run and climb; do puzzles and games; sing; and learn about each other, their community, country and world. The children are encouraged, guided and exposed to new people, places, activities and experiences that are developmentally appropriate. Our goal is to encourage children to be self-confident, enjoy fellowship with each other and foster a lifelong love of learning and making a positive impact on the world around them.

  • Class is offered Monday – Friday, 9:00 am- 12:00 pm 
  • Children attend all 5 days (M-F) and must be day-time potty trained.
  • Enrichment Included: Chapel, Music & Movement, Science & Nature



Music brings joy to young children and reinforces concepts of literacy, mathematics, and science. Vine teachers use music throughout the day in a variety of ways; for example, during transitions, to introduce or strengthen a new concept, or to offer a prayer of thanksgiving before meals.  The Music and Movement Enrichment Specialist enhances what is already being offered in the classroom environment and exposes each child to a rich program of singing, rhythm, movement, dance and creative dramatics.


Spiritual thoughts and feelings are as much a part of the growth process for young children as their physical, mental, or emotional development. At Vine Preschool, we recognize that children have an innate spirituality with a natural acceptance of mystery, an amazing capacity for awe, a vital imagination, a longing to be their unique selves, and an ability to be open to and receive God's love. Our hope is that Chapel, which is lead monthly by the church's pastoral staff, will: 

  • Lead children into a deeper relationship with God 
  • Instill in children spiritual practices to form lifelong habits 
  • Encourage children to respond to God in awe 



In our Science & Nature enrichment program, children are exposed to the "big ideas" of scientific investigation, matter & physical properties, motion and energy, life processes, and earth and space systems throughout the school year on a weekly basis. 

Additionally, we use a simple vegetable garden to teach children about environmental stewardship, science, and making healthy choices.  The garden enables students to be active participants in growing their own food and obtaining life long skills that will help them make healthier food choices now and in the future.  The garden is also a vehicle for teaching children about sustainable practices, worms and biology, composting, water usage, weather, and wildlife -- not to mention kids just like getting their hands dirty!   


Date Day Event
Sept 4 Tues Open House
Sept 10 Mon First Day of School for 3 & 4-year-old
Sept 11 Tues First Day of School for 2 ½-year-old
Sept 17 Mon Lunch Bunch Begins
Oct 8 Mon No School - Columbus Day
Oct 30 & 31 Tues/Wed Harvest Celebration
Nov 5 & 6 Mon/Tues No School - FCPS Holiday
Nov 15 & 16 Thurs/Fri Thanksgiving Family Feasts
Nov 19 & 20 Mon/Tues School Closes - Parent/Teacher Conf.
Nov 21 - 23 Wed - Fri No School - Thanksgiving Break
Dec 20 & 21 Thurs/Fri Christmas Performance & Party
Dec 24 - Jan 4 No School - Christmas Holiday
Jan 21 Mon No School - MLK Jr Day
Jan 25 Fri Open House
Feb 1 Fri In-House Registration 19 - 20 Begins
Feb 4 Mon No School - FCPS Holiday
Feb 11 Mon 10 AM Open Registration 19 - 20 Begins
Feb 18 Mon No School - Washington's Birthday
Apr 5 Mon No School - FCPS Holiday
Apr 11 & 12 Thurs/Fri Easter Egg Hunts
Apr 15 - 22 Mon - Mon No School - Spring Break/Easter
Apr 29 & 30 Mon/Tues Donuts With Dad
May 6 & 7 Mon/Tues Muffins With Mom
May 9 Thursday PM Heritage Night & Class Performances
May 23 Thursday PM Fox Graduation
May 23 & 24 Thurs/Fri Last days of School


The Parent Handbook is important for parents of Vine Preschool students because it provides parents with information regarding the safety, development, and education of their children. Reading and completing the Parent Handbook Agreement is a requirement for your child to start school at the Vine Preschool.

For parents with students enrolled at Vine Preschool, please read the Vine Preschool Parent Handbook, and complete the form below acknowledging that you understand the policies of Vine Preschool. 



Vine Preschool is currently accepting enrollment applications for the September 2019 - May 2020 school year. Our preschool is in high demand, so we encourage families who intend to enroll their children at our school to apply as soon as possible while vacancies are available. Open enrollment will continue on a first come, first serve basis until the program is at capacity.

All parents are encouraged to submit their child's completed application as soon as possible to ensure enrollment.  Open enrollment will continue on a first come, first serve basis until the program is at capacity. 

ENROLLMENT 2019-2020

Vine Preschool will begin accepting Applications for Enrollment for the 2019-2020 School Year at 10 AM on February 11, 2019. Applications and application fees may be sent by mail to Vine Preschool 2501 Gallows Road, Dunn Loring, VA 22027.  Please make checks and money orders out to "Vine Preschool". Please note, no application will be accepted for review without the non-refundable $100 application fee. All parents are encouraged to submit their child's completed application as soon as possible to ensure enrollment.  Enrollment is discretionary. Open enrollment will continue on a first come, first serve basis until the program is at capacity. Please find the Enrollment Application for the 2019-2020 School Year below.




All Vine Preschool students are required to submit a Virginia School Entrance Form, completed by a physician BEFORE beginning school. Please find the necessary form below. Additionally all Vine Preschool students are required to provide proof of identification before beginning school. Acceptable forms of identification include photo IDs and birth certificates.



2019 - 2020 SCHOOL YEAR

Tuition is established as a yearly fee, based on the age of the child and the number of days per week the child's class is in session. Tuition rates are influenced by the classroom ratio and the cost of enrichment activities. 

Tuition is paid in nine equal installments with the first payment due June 1, 2019.  We accept checks or cash.



2 1/2 year olds Tues. & Thurs. - $240 monthly / $2160 yearly

3 year olds Mon., Wed., & Fri. - $330 monthly / $2970 yearly

4 year olds Mon.-Fri. - $495 monthly / $4455 yearly


In addition to supplies, this fee covers field trips and a class photograph and is related to the number of days per week that the child attends. The supply fee is due with the first tuition payment and is non-refundable.

2 ½ Year Class (2 days) - $ 35

3 Year Class (3 days) - $ 50

4 Year Class (5 days) - $70



The registration fee of $100 is due when the application for enrollment is submitted. This fee is non-refundable.


We offer an afternoon program for our 3-day and 5-day students who attend class on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Families may register their student during enrollment, depending on space availability, September through May for either 1 or 2 days.