At Vine Preschool, students create friendships and develop healthy habits to last a lifetime. Vine Preschool teachers are skilled at making the most of our time together to enable students to communicate, socialize, and gain independence through the mastery of new skills.

At Vine Preschool, we believe that play is an effective method of learning. Play is a child's way of exploring, experimenting, and learning cooperative behavior. Our teachers use play situations to provide beginnings in language and early literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, physical development, personal and social development, music and creative arts.

Classroom time is supplemented with our stimulating Music & Movement program, our exciting Nurture through Nature adventures in our preschool garden, and plenty of free time to explore our Playground. Additionally, Vine Preschool hosts chapel once a month, and families are welcome to join us!

Music & Movement - Our music enrichment specialist exposes each child to a rich music program of singing, rhythm, movement, dance, and creative dramatics weekly. The students enjoy sights, sounds, and experiences from around the world.

Nurture through Nature - Our science program encourages students to examine, experience, and explore God’s world. The preschool garden and outdoor classroom provide opportunities to learn about environmental stewardship, and life cycles of plants and wildlife.

Playground Time - Vine Preschool believes that fresh air is good for children and outdoor time enhances a child’s learning experience.  Children enjoy playing on our beautiful playground, complete with two playhouses, play cars, climbing features, and a sturdy slide, all while supervised by our staff.

Chapel - Our students, staff, and families join together once a month for praise and celebration based on the Fruit of the Spirit (Bible verses: Galatians 5:22—23) and biblical stories. Our Vine Church Pastor shares God’s love with the children through singing and a variety of creative teaching methods.  

In addition to our weekly and monthly enrichment programs for all ages, Vine Preschool has also hosted numerous special events for our 3 and 4 year old students including visits from a calligrapher from China, pediatric dentists, Irish dancers, storytellers, firemen (and their firetrucks), a quartet of musicians, dancers from India, puppeteers, and even a portable zoo of friendly animals.

Vine Preschool hosts several celebrations, during the school year, welcoming families into the school for fellowship, meals together, and performances from our wonderful students. We are proud of the support we receive from our preschool families.