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The Cost of Priorities - Pastor Todd

One of the costs of following Jesus is the cost of priorities. When we say that Jesus is Lord, we are saying that Jesus is the number 1 in our lives. And if Jesus is number one in our lives that means that all the other priorities in our lives have to shift. If Jesus is number one nothing else can be number one and nothing else can rival that number one. In Luke 10:38-42 Jesus arrives at Mary and Martha’s home. These two sisters both love and follow Jesus, but they have different priorities of how to show that love. In this text we learn that following Jesus requires that we look to Him for our priorities. This is a message that everyone who struggles with how to live in this conflicted age needs to hear.

Speaker: Pastor Todd Schlechty
March 21, 2021

Luke 10:38-42'>Luke 10:38-42

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