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Have you ever felt invisible? Not invisible in a good way, like a superpower invisibility, but the type of invisibility that people around you don’t seem to notice you. Like you were on a soccer team but you might as well have been invisible because nobody ever passed to you. Have you ever experienced that kind of invisibility? That kind of invisibility is pervasive in our culture. You can feel invisible at work when the boss never recognizes your contribution. You can feel invisible at school when the cool kids act like you are not there. You can even feel invisible in a family or a marriage. The good news of the gospel is the Jesus sees the unseen. This week we are studying a passage from Luke 5 where Jesus notices a man that seems to be invisible to everyone else, and when Jesus sees this man, everything changes for him. The good news is that Jesus can do the same for you

Speaker: Pastor Todd Schlechty
November 15, 2020

Luke 5:27-39'>Luke 5:27-39

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