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Jesus' Business

Jesus Exposé – Part 5- Jesus’ Business - Luke 8:26-39 – Have you ever met a real-life celebrity? Have you ever had a big-time celebrity come to visit you or take an interest in your life? One of the things that can get in the way of our Spiritual growth is believing that “Jesus would not be interested in someone like me.” It is easy to see how one might think that. After all Jesus is not only the greatest celebrity of all time, but He is also the Lord of the Universe and Savior of the world. Yet this week we are going to learn that Jesus takes a personal interest even in people that no one else cares about. I hope you’ll discover, that while you might feel far from Jesus, He not far from you.

Speaker: Pastor Todd Schlechty
January 31, 2021

Luke 8:26-39'>Luke 8:26-39

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