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Vine Church | Merrifield


A farmer, eager to grow a fruitful plant, takes to his garden to prepare the soil. He tills and fortifies every square inch before selecting the extraordinary little seed that will soon take root there. Then He carefully creates a home within the ground and tucks that special seed in, warm and secure. Diligently, he waters it, allows the sun to shine on it, and keeps it from the threat of weeds. Day after day the farmer nurtures the seed until it sprouts, develops blossoms, and one day bears beautiful fruit that will be shared with others… 
At Vine Church we believe that children’s hearts are much like a seed in God’s garden. Each one holds a great potential to grow and bear beautiful fruit for His glory. Our goal is to serve the Farmer (God) and partner with parents to help cultivate the hearts of their children, guiding them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. By connecting with kids through outreach events, engaging in small groups, and teaching relevant Biblical truths, we hope to share God’s love and purpose for their lives in a memorable way, so that they will go out and bear Christ's fruit in the world. 
We look forward to meeting you and your family through the activities we offer for children of ages 18 months to 5th grade.  To learn more, join us for our Sunday morning small groups or email Pastor Kay.