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Vine Church | Merrifield

Two New Series Beginning in April

Two New Series Beginning in April

Two New Series Beginning in April

Every Sunday, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Vine Church: Graham Road & Dunn Loring, Dunn Loring, VA US

Coordinator: Todd Schlechty |

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Dunn Loring Campus: In _____ We Trust—Starting Next Sunday

In what do you trust?  What are you confident about?  Nations trust in their military capabilities.  Companies trust in their cyber security, their technology, and their products.  Investors trust in their company's books.  Drivers trust in their vehicle's brakes.  Most of us trust in our abilities, money or family.  We have to put our trust in something.  The problem is that as sure as each of these objects are, none of them are foolproof.  None are omnipotent.  Eventually every one of them will let us down.  Only trust in God will never disappoint.  In this study of I Samuel 8-18 we are going to discover the blessings that come to those who put their trust in God. 


Graham Road Campus: Happy

We all dream of being happy.  It determines what career we choose, where we live, what school we attend, what we buy, and where we  travel.  But permanent happiness seems unattainable. What if we could find happiness that does not crumble when outward circumstances do, but rather sustains us in them, with them, through them?  Join us next week as we learn how to find lasting happiness.