Donovan Archie

Associate Pastor

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Education:  Bachelor or Arts, Alabama State University; Master of Divinity, Wesley Theological Seminary- Washington D.C. 

Career and Ministry:  Most of his work, in ministry, began with mission-centered initiatives, particularly international and domestic missions. His ministry focus is to be a living light and an example of God’s grace through leadership, fellowship, discipleship, and relationship, both in the church and in the local community. He is passionate about connecting all people to Christ so that lives can bear Christ’s fruit.He completed his Masters of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington D.C, earned a Certification in Conflict Resolution and Countering Violent Extremism, from the University of Maryland, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama.

As an extension of Donovan Pastor Leadership at the Vine, he also is the host of a new Christian Podcast and Show called "LifeWith". The purpose of the Life With podcast is help people have an encounter with Christ through topical discussions and matters of the Christian life. Understanding what it means to be a Christian in a post-modern world can be fuzzy, gray, and unclear even. The LifeWith show seeks to helps people gain a better understanding of their life and purpose in light of Christ and. This show is designed to help people begin to full see themselves in light of Christ and Christ' work in the world. It is designed with the "un-discipled" Christians in mind.

Family: Donovan is also a family guy who enjoys being a husband to Adreka and father to three-year-old Aubrey + Son Daven. Donovan and his family are excited about serving and working with the Vine Church community.

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